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ItemnumberDescriptionQty In Stk
11PFA-U11-Pin Socket1.0000
1ZAP2 NNBDoor Switch2.0000
3G2A2-CN221-UPLC GPC Cable1.0000
3G2A2CN221-UPLC GPC Cable1.0000
3G2A3-CN121S6 Cable1.0000
3G2A3-CN221-US6 Cable1.0000
3G2A3-IA221-U4 Point Input Module 100-200vac1.0000
3G2A3-ID411-US6 4 Point DC Input4.0000
3G2A3-PRO16 NNBS6 PLC Handheld Programmer1.0000
3G2A3CN121S6 Cable1.0000
3G2A3CN221-US6 Cable1.0000
3G2A3IA221-U4 Point Input Module 100-200vac1.0000
3G2A3ID411-US6 4 Point DC Input4.0000
3G2A3PRO16 NNBS6 PLC Handheld Programmer1.0000
3G2A5-AD004Analog Input2.0000
3G2A5-AD004-UAnalog Input1.0000
3G2A5-AD005-UAnalog Input1.0000
3G2A5-ASC01-UC500 ASCII Basic Module1.0000
3G2A5-BC051-U5-Slot Rack3.0000
3G2A5-BC081-UC500 8-Slot Rack6.0000
3G2A5-CN812N-UI/O Cable1.0000
3G2A5-CT001C500 Counter Module2.0000
3G2A5-CT012High Speed Counter Unit1.0000
3G2A5-ID112-UC500 DC Input1.0000
3G2A5-ID218CNC500 DC Input1.0000
3G2A5-ID218CN-UC500 DC Input1.0000
3G2A5-ID219-UC500 DC Input18.0000
3G2A5-II101-UI/O Control Module4.0000
3G2A5-IM212-UPeripheral Interface1.0000
3G2A5-NC101-UMotion Module1.0000
3G2A5-OA222C500 Output Module 32 Point3.0000
3G2A5-OA225-UC500 Output Module 16 Point 2A Relay2.0000
3G2A5-OC224-UC500 Output Module2.0000
3G2A5-OD215C500 DC Output1.0000
3G2A5-OD218-UC500 Output Unit1.0000
3G2A5-PRO13-UHandheld Programmer1.0000
3G2A5-RT002-EV13G2A5 Remote Module I/O1.0000
3G2A5AD004Analog Input2.0000
3G2A5AD004-UAnalog Input1.0000
3G2A5AD005-UAnalog Input1.0000
3G2A5ASC01-UC500 ASCII Basic Module1.0000
3G2A5BC051-U5-Slot Rack3.0000
3G2A5BC081-UC500 8-Slot Rack6.0000
3G2A5CN812N-UI/O Cable1.0000
3G2A5CT001C500 Counter Module2.0000
3G2A5CT012High Speed Counter Unit1.0000
3G2A5ID112-UC500 DC Input1.0000
3G2A5ID218CNC500 DC Input1.0000
3G2A5ID218CN-UC500 DC Input1.0000
3G2A5ID219-UC500 DC Input18.0000
3G2A5II101-UI/O Control Module4.0000
3G2A5IM212-UPeripheral Interface1.0000
3G2A5NC101-UMotion Module1.0000
3G2A5OA222C500 Output Module 32 Point3.0000
3G2A5OA225-UC500 Output Module 16 Point 2A Relay2.0000
3G2A5OC224-UC500 Output Module2.0000
3G2A5OD215C500 DC Output1.0000
3G2A5OD218-UC500 Output Unit1.0000
3G2A5PRO13-UHandheld Programmer1.0000
3G2A5RT002EV13G2A5 Remote Module I/O1.0000
3G2A6-PRO15-E-UPLC Handheld Programmer1.0000
3G2A6PRO15E-UPLC Handheld Programmer1.0000
3G2C4-SI025-UC120 Expansion Base1.0000
3G2C4SI025-UC120 Expansion Base1.0000
3G2C7-CPU41-U20 I/O PLC CPU2.0000
3G2C7CPU41-U20 I/O PLC CPU2.0000
3G2S6-CPU17-US6 CPU Module2.0000
3G2S6-CPU25-US6 CPU1.0000
3G2S6-CPU29-US6 CPU Module1.0000
3G2S6-CPU33-US6 20-I/O CPU1.0000
3G2S6CPU17-US6 CPU Module2.0000
3G2S6CPU25-US6 CPU1.0000
3G2S6CPU29-US6 CPU Module1.0000
3G2S6CPU33-US6 20-I/O CPU1.0000
3G3MX-AE002-U1/4 HP Sensorless Vector AC Drive1.0000
3G3MXAE002-U1/4 HP Sensorless Vector AC Drive1.0000
4ZBQ3-2Limit Switch 4 Roller1.0000
4ZBQ32Limit Switch 4 Roller1.0000
6ZB01Q2-1N6-Position Limit Switch1.0000
6ZB01Q21N6-Position Limit Switch1.0000
A22-TB-10MPushbutton Switch5.0000
A22L-CY-24A-11M NNB22mm Pushbutton2.0000
A22LCY24A11M NNB22mm Pushbutton2.0000
A22TB10MPushbutton Switch5.0000
A3CT-500YYellow Pushbutton Lense60.0000
A3CT-500Y NNBYellow Pushbutton Lense4.0000
A3CT500YYellow Pushbutton Lense60.0000
A3CT500Y NNBYellow Pushbutton Lense4.0000
A8A-213-1 NNBGreen Rocker Switch1.0000
A8A2131 NNBGreen Rocker Switch1.0000
AMD-SL1-10S-AC200/220Motion Detector2.0000
AMDSL110SAC200220Motion Detector2.0000
APR-S-UPhase Reversal Relay1.0000
APRS-UPhase Reversal Relay1.0000
B7A-R10SC01-UB7A I/O Terminal1.0000
B7A-R3A33-M32 Point Link Terminal for Mitsubishi4.0000
B7AR10SC01-UB7A I/O Terminal1.0000
B7AR3A33M32 Point Link Terminal for Mitsubishi4.0000
B7AS-R6B36Terminal I/O Block3.0000
B7ASR6B36Terminal I/O Block3.0000
C120-PRO15-E-UPLC Handheld Programmer1.0000
C120-SI025-UC120 Expansion Base1.0000
C120PRO15E-UPLC Handheld Programmer1.0000
C120SI025-UC120 Expansion Base1.0000
C16P-OR-A-UOutput Module1.0000
C16PORA-UOutput Module1.0000
C1K-AD-UC**K 1 Point Analog Output2.0000
C1KAD-UC**K 1 Point Analog Output2.0000
C20-CPU41-U20 I/O PLC CPU2.0000
C200H-0V001-UC200H Voice Output Unit1.0000
C200H-ASC01-UASCII Basic Module1.0000
C200H-B7A21B7A I/O Interface Card1.0000
C200H-B7A21-UB7A I/O Interface Card1.0000
C200H-B7AI1-UC200H B7A Module2.0000
C200H-BC031-V2-UC200H 3-Slot Backplane6.0000
C200H-BC051-V1-UC200H 5-Slot Backplane2.0000
C200H-BC051-V2-UC200H 5-Slot Backplane11.0000
C200H-BC081-V1-UC200H 8-Slot Backplane (V1)1.0000
C200H-BC081-V2-UC200H 8-Slot Backplane (V2)1.0000
C200H-BC101-V1-UC200H 10-Slot Backplane1.0000
C200H-CN222-UC200H-PR027 Cable 2M1.0000
C200H-CN311-U0.3 Meter Expansion Rack Cable6.0000
C200H-CN510-EU-UPLC Cable1.0000
C200H-COV02I/O Terminal Cover2.0000
C200H-COV03Terminal Cover5.0000
C200H-COV11I/O Terminal Cover5.0000
C200H-CPU11-E2-UHigh Speed CPU1.0000
C200H-CPU31-E-UC200H CPU1.0000
C200H-CT001-V1-UC200H High Speed Counter 75KHz Module7.0000
C200H-IA122-U16 Point 100-120V AC Input1.0000
C200H-ID212-UC200H 16 Point DC Input21.0000
C200H-ID215-UC200H 32 Point DC Input3.0000
C200H-ID501C200H 32 Point 5VDC Latch Input1.0000
C200H-IM211-UC200H 8-Point Input 12-24VAC/DC1.0000
C200H-IM212-UC200H 16-Point Input 12-24VAC/DC6.0000
C200H-IP006-UC200H Peripheral Interface1.0000
C200H-LK202-V1-UC200H RS-422 Card1.0000
C200H-MR433C200H 4K RAM CPU21/311.0000
C200H-MR433-UC200H 4K RAM CPU21/312.0000
C200H-MR831Memory Module1.0000
C200H-MR831-UC200H 16K2.0000
C200H-MR833-UC200H 8K RAM CPU21/311.0000
C200H-NC112-UC200H Stepper Module 200KHZ3.0000
C200H-OA121-E-U8 Point AC Output17.0000
C200H-OA221-UC200H 8 Point Triac 1A Output12.0000
C200H-OA222-UOutput Module 10 Point Triac1.0000
C200H-OA224-UC200H 12-Point Triac Output1.0000
C200H-OC222-UC200H 12 Point Relay Output Card18.0000
C200H-OC224C200H 8 Point Isolated Relay Output Card3.0000
C200H-OC224-UC200H 8 Point Isolated Relay Output Card2.0000
C200H-OC225-UC200H 16 Point Relay Output Card4.0000
C200H-OD211 NNBC200H 12 Point Transistor Output1.0000
C200H-OD211-UC200H 12 Point Transistor Output15.0000
C200H-OD212 NNBC200H 16 Point Transistor Output1.0000
C200H-OD215-U32 Point DC Output Module Card1.0000
C200H-OD216-UC200H Output Unit 5-24VDC 0.3A/POINT1.0000
C200H-OD217-UC200H 8 Point 5-24VDC Transistor Output5.0000
C200H-OD218-UC200H 32 Point Output Module1.0000
C200H-OD21A-UC200H 16 Point Output Unit4.0000
C200H-PR027-UC200H Programming Console1.0000
C200H-RT201-URemote Slave Module8.0000
C200H-SP001C200H Filler Module9.0000
C200H-SP001-UC200H Filler Module5.0000
C200H0V001-UC200H Voice Output Unit1.0000
C200HASC01-UASCII Basic Module1.0000
C200HB7A21B7A I/O Interface Card1.0000
C200HB7A21-UB7A I/O Interface Card1.0000
C200HB7AI1-UC200H B7A Module2.0000
C200HBC031V2-UC200H 3-Slot Backplane6.0000
C200HBC051V1-UC200H 5-Slot Backplane2.0000
C200HBC051V2-UC200H 5-Slot Backplane11.0000
C200HBC081V1-UC200H 8-Slot Backplane (V1)1.0000
C200HBC081V2-UC200H 8-Slot Backplane (V2)1.0000
C200HBC101V1-UC200H 10-Slot Backplane1.0000
C200HCN222-UC200H-PR027 Cable 2M1.0000
C200HCN311-U0.3 Meter Expansion Rack Cable6.0000
C200HCN510EU-UPLC Cable1.0000
C200HCOV02I/O Terminal Cover2.0000
C200HCOV03Terminal Cover5.0000
C200HCOV11I/O Terminal Cover5.0000
C200HCPU11E2-UHigh Speed CPU1.0000
C200HCPU31E-UC200H CPU1.0000
C200HCT001V1-UC200H High Speed Counter 75KHz Module7.0000
C200HE-CPU32-EC200H 8K CPU 880 I/O1.0000
C200HE-CPU32-UC200HE CPU2.0000
C200HE-CPU32ZE-UHigh Speed CPU1.0000
C200HECPU32-UC200HE CPU2.0000
C200HECPU32EC200H 8K CPU 880 I/O1.0000
C200HECPU32ZE-UHigh Speed CPU1.0000
C200HG-CPU43-Z-UHigh Speed CPU1.0000
C200HGCPU43Z-UHigh Speed CPU1.0000
C200HIA122-U16 Point 100-120V AC Input1.0000
C200HID212-UC200H 16 Point DC Input21.0000
C200HID215-UC200H 32 Point DC Input3.0000
C200HID501C200H 32 Point 5VDC Latch Input1.0000
C200HIM211-UC200H 8-Point Input 12-24VAC/DC1.0000
C200HIM212-UC200H 16-Point Input 12-24VAC/DC6.0000
C200HIP006-UC200H Peripheral Interface1.0000
C200HLK202V1-UC200H RS-422 Card1.0000
C200HMR433C200H 4K RAM CPU21/311.0000
C200HMR433-UC200H 4K RAM CPU21/312.0000
C200HMR831Memory Module1.0000
C200HMR831-UC200H 16K2.0000
C200HMR833-UC200H 8K RAM CPU21/311.0000
C200HNC112-UC200H Stepper Module 200KHZ3.0000
C200HOA121E-U8 Point AC Output17.0000
C200HOA221-UC200H 8 Point Triac 1A Output12.0000
C200HOA222-UOutput Module 10 Point Triac1.0000
C200HOA224-UC200H 12-Point Triac Output1.0000
C200HOC222-UC200H 12 Point Relay Output Card18.0000
C200HOC224C200H 8 Point Isolated Relay Output Card3.0000
C200HOC224-UC200H 8 Point Isolated Relay Output Card2.0000
C200HOC225-UC200H 16 Point Relay Output Card4.0000
C200HOD211 NNBC200H 12 Point Transistor Output1.0000
C200HOD211-UC200H 12 Point Transistor Output15.0000
C200HOD212 NNBC200H 16 Point Transistor Output1.0000
C200HOD215-U32 Point DC Output Module Card1.0000
C200HOD216-UC200H Output Unit 5-24VDC 0.3A/POINT1.0000
C200HOD217-UC200H 8 Point 5-24VDC Transistor Output5.0000
C200HOD218-UC200H 32 Point Output Module1.0000
C200HOD21A-UC200H 16 Point Output Unit4.0000
C200HPR027-UC200H Programming Console1.0000
C200HRT201-URemote Slave Module8.0000
C200HS-INT01-UC200H Interrupt Input Unit1.0000
C200HSINT01-UC200H Interrupt Input Unit1.0000
C200HSP001C200H Filler Module9.0000
C200HSP001-UC200H Filler Module5.0000
C200HW-BC051-UC200H 5 Position Base Unit1.0000
C200HW-BI051C200H 5 Position Base Unit2.0000
C200HW-BI051-UC200H 5 Position Base Unit1.0000
C200HW-BI101C200H 10 Position Base Unit1.0000
C200HW-CE011-UCPU Bus Master Module1.0000
C200HW-PCS01-V2C200H Programmable Controller1.0000
C200HW-SLK23-UC200HW Communication Module Link Unit2.0000
C200HW-SLK24-UC200H Communication Module Link Unit2.0000
C200HW-SRM21-V1C200HW Interface Compobus/S Master1.0000
C200HWBC051-UC200H 5 Position Base Unit1.0000
C200HWBI051C200H 5 Position Base Unit2.0000
C200HWBI051-UC200H 5 Position Base Unit1.0000
C200HWBI101C200H 10 Position Base Unit1.0000
C200HWCE011-UCPU Bus Master Module1.0000
C200HWPCS01V2C200H Programmable Controller1.0000
C200HWSLK23-UC200HW Communication Module Link Unit2.0000
C200HWSLK24-UC200H Communication Module Link Unit2.0000
C200HWSRM21V1C200HW Interface Compobus/S Master1.0000
C20CPU41-U20 I/O PLC CPU2.0000
C20K-CDS1-A-U20 I/O CPU1.0000
C20K-CDT1-AC20K CPU DC-Inputs 8 Transistor-Outputs1.0000
C20KCDS1A-U20 I/O CPU1.0000
C20KCDT1AC20K CPU DC-Inputs 8 Transistor-Outputs1.0000
C20P-CN411C**K Cable1.0000
C20P-CN411 NNBC**K Cable2.0000
C20P-CN411-UC**K Cable4.0000
C20P-CN501-UC20P Cable1.0000
C20P-EAR-A-UC20P I/O Unit1.0000
C20PCN411C**K Cable1.0000
C20PCN411 NNBC**K Cable2.0000
C20PCN411-UC**K Cable4.0000
C20PCN501-UC20P Cable1.0000
C20PEARA-UC20P I/O Unit1.0000
C28P-EDR-A-UC28P 24 DC-Inputs 8 Point Relay-Outputs1.0000
C28PEDRA-UC28P 24 DC-Inputs 8 Point Relay-Outputs1.0000
C40H-C6DR-DE-V1-UC40K CPU 24 DC-Inputs 16 Relay-Outputs1.0000
C40HC6DRDEV1-UC40K CPU 24 DC-Inputs 16 Relay-Outputs1.0000
C40K-CDR-A-UC40K CPU 24 DC-Inputs 16 Relay-Outputs3.0000
C40KCDRA-UC40K CPU 24 DC-Inputs 16 Relay-Outputs3.0000
C4K-AD-UC**K 4 Point Analog Expansion1.0000
C4K-CN502C**K Cable1.0000
C4K-CN502-UC**K Cable14.0000
C4K-OR2-UC**K 4 Point Relay Output Expansion5.0000
C4K-OT2-UC**K 4 Point DC Output Expansion9.0000
C4KAD-UC**K 4 Point Analog Expansion1.0000
C4KCN502C**K Cable1.0000
C4KCN502-UC**K Cable14.0000
C4KOR2-UC**K 4 Point Relay Output Expansion5.0000
C4KOT2-UC**K 4 Point DC Output Expansion9.0000
C500-AD004Analog Input2.0000
C500-AD004-UAnalog Input1.0000
C500-AD005-UAnalog Input1.0000
C500-ASC01-UC500 ASCII Basic Module1.0000
C500-BC051-U5-Slot Rack3.0000
C500-BC081-UC500 8-Slot Rack6.0000
C500-CN812N-UI/O Cable1.0000
C500-CT001C500 Counter Module2.0000
C500-CT012High Speed Counter Unit1.0000
C500-ID112-UC500 DC Input1.0000
C500-ID218CNC500 DC Input1.0000
C500-ID218CN-UC500 DC Input1.0000
C500-ID219-UC500 DC Input18.0000
C500-II101-UI/O Control Module4.0000
C500-IM212-UPeripheral Interface1.0000
C500-LDP01Ladder I/O Module1.0000
C500-NC113C500 Single Axis Stepper-C/CVSeries1.0000
C500-NC211-UNC Position Module2.0000
C500-OA222C500 Output Module 16 Point3.0000
C500-OA225-UC500 Output Module 16 Point 2A Relay2.0000
C500-OC224-UC500 Output Module2.0000
C500-OD215C500 DC Output1.0000
C500-OD218C500 Output Unit1.0000
C500-OD218-UC500 Output Unit1.0000
C500-RT002-EV1C500 Remote Module I/O1.0000
C500AD004Analog Input2.0000
C500AD004-UAnalog Input1.0000
C500AD005-UAnalog Input1.0000
C500ASC01-UC500 ASCII Basic Module1.0000
C500BC051-U5-Slot Rack3.0000
C500BC081-UC500 8-Slot Rack6.0000
C500CN812N-UI/O Cable1.0000
C500CT001C500 Counter Module2.0000
C500CT012High Speed Counter Unit1.0000
C500ID112-UC500 DC Input1.0000
C500ID218CNC500 DC Input1.0000
C500ID218CN-UC500 DC Input1.0000
C500ID219-UC500 DC Input18.0000
C500II101-UI/O Control Module4.0000
C500IM212-UPeripheral Interface1.0000
C500LDP01Ladder I/O Module1.0000
C500NC113C500 Single Axis Stepper-C/CVSeries1.0000
C500NC211-UNC Position Module2.0000
C500OA222C500 Output Module 16 Point3.0000
C500OA225-UC500 Output Module 16 Point 2A Relay2.0000
C500OC224-UC500 Output Module2.0000
C500OD215C500 DC Output1.0000
C500OD218C500 Output Unit1.0000
C500OD218-UC500 Output Unit1.0000
C500RT002EV1C500 Remote Module I/O1.0000
C60K-CAR-A-UC60K CPU1.0000
C60KCARA-UC60K CPU1.0000
CBL-804-UPLC to HMI Cable1.0000
CBL-806-UPLC Cable2.0000
CBL804-UPLC to HMI Cable1.0000
CBL806-UPLC Cable2.0000
CIMR-J7AZ20P4-UAC Drive1.0000
CIMRJ7AZ20P4-UAC Drive1.0000
CJ1G-CPU45HCPU 60K Prog 128K Data1.0000
CJ1GCPU45HCPU 60K Prog 128K Data1.0000
CJ1W-NC234-U2 Axis Motion Controller1.0000
CJ1WNC234-U2 Axis Motion Controller1.0000
CP1L-L10DR-A10 I/O PLC1.0000
CP1LL10DRA10 I/O PLC1.0000
CP1W-TS001Thermocouple Input1.0000
CP1WTS001Thermocouple Input1.0000
CPM1-10CDR-A-UCPU 101.0000
CPM1-CIF11-UInterface Unit1.0000
CPM110CDRA-UCPU 101.0000
CPM1A-2EDR-UC20 I/O Unit1.0000
CPM1A-30CDR-D-V1CPU w/30 I/O DC relays1.0000
CPM1A-40CDR-D-V1CPU w/40 I/O DC relays1.0000
CPM1A-ETL02-CHPLC Input Simulator1.0000
CPM1A-MAD01-UCPM1A A/D D/A Unit1.0000
CPM1A20EDR-UC20 I/O Unit1.0000
CPM1A30CDRDV1CPU w/30 I/O DC relays1.0000
CPM1A40CDRDV1CPU w/40 I/O DC relays1.0000
CPM1AETL02CHPLC Input Simulator1.0000
CPM1AMAD01-UCPM1A A/D D/A Unit1.0000
CPM1CIF11-UInterface Unit1.0000
CPM2A-20CDT-D-U20-I/O PLC CPU1.0000
CPM2C-24EDTC24 Point PLC Expansion2.0000
CPM2C24EDTC24 Point PLC Expansion2.0000
CQM1-B7A21-UB7A Terminal Interface1.0000
CQM1-CIF01CQM1 Programming Cable4.0000
CQM1-CPU11-9-UCQM1-CPU End Cap6.0000
CQM1-CPU42-E-USpecial Function CPU1.0000
CQM1-CPU43-EV1-UMotion CPU1.0000
CQM1-IA221CQM1 8 Point AC Input1.0000
CQM1-ID11116 Point Input Module1.0000
CQM1-ID213-UCQM1 32 Point DC Input Card1.0000
CQM1B7A21-UB7A Terminal Interface1.0000
CQM1CIF01CQM1 Programming Cable4.0000
CQM1CPU119-UCQM1-CPU End Cap6.0000
CQM1CPU42E-USpecial Function CPU1.0000
CQM1CPU43EV1-UMotion CPU1.0000
CQM1H-PLB21-UPulse I/O Board2.0000
CQM1HPLB21-UPulse I/O Board2.0000
CQM1IA221CQM1 8 Point AC Input1.0000
CQM1ID11116 Point Input Module1.0000
CQM1ID213-UCQM1 32 Point DC Input Card1.0000
CRT1-ID16-116 Point Output Terminal1.0000
CRT1ID16116 Point Output Terminal1.0000
CS1G-CPU42-EV1-UCPU Unit1.0000
CS1G-CPU42E-UCPU High Speed1.0000
CS1GCPU42E-UCPU High Speed1.0000
CS1GCPU42EV1-UCPU Unit1.0000
CS1W-BC0828-Slot CPU Rack2.0000
CS1W-CN224PLC Communication Cable2.0000
CS1W-ETN01-UEthernet Unit 24VDC 400MA2.0000
CS1W-OA2018 Point Triac Output1.0000
CS1W-PDC55Input Module Analog 8 Point1.0000
CS1W-SCU21-V1Serial Communication Unit1.0000
CS1WBC0828-Slot CPU Rack2.0000
CS1WCN227PLC Communication Cable2.0000
CS1WETN01-UEthernet Unit 24VDC 400MA2.0000
CS1WOA2018 Point Triac Output1.0000
CS1WPDC55Input Module Analog 8 Point1.0000
CS1WSCU21V1Serial Communication Unit1.0000
CV500-BI062-UCV Expansion Rack2.0000
CV500-CN224-UCable for CV Program Console 2M1.0000
CV500-CN228PLC Cable1.0000
CV500-IC201-UI/O Control Unit1.0000
CV500BI062-UCV Expansion Rack2.0000
CV500CN224-UCable for CV Program Console 2M1.0000
CV500CN228PLC Cable1.0000
CV500IC201-UI/O Control Unit1.0000
CVM1-CPU01-EV2-UCPU Module1.0000
CVM1-CPU21-EV2CPU Module1.0000
CVM1-CPU21-EV2-UCPU Module1.0000
CVM1-PRS71Handheld Programmer1.0000
CVM1CPU01EV2-UCPU Module1.0000
CVM1CPU21EV2CPU Module1.0000
CVM1CPU21EV2-UCPU Module1.0000
CVM1PRS71Handheld Programmer1.0000
D4A-2507-V-NBasic Limit Switch1.0000
D4A2918NBasic Limit Switch1.0000
D4B-111FF-1-ULimit Switch 8-Pin Connector1.0000
D4B111FF1-ULimit Switch 8-Pin Connector1.0000
D4C-1610Limit Switch7.0000
D4C-1652Limit Switch 3M2.0000
D4C-1731Limit Switch1.0000
D4C-3201Limit Switch2.0000
D4C-3303L.S., RLLR PLNGR, DC, LED1.0000
D4C1610Limit Switch7.0000
D4C1652Limit Switch 3M2.0000
D4C1731Limit Switch1.0000
D4C3201Limit Switch2.0000
D4C3303L.S., RLLR PLNGR, DC, LED1.0000
D4CC-2024Limit Switch1.0000
D4CC-3024Limit Switch1.0000
D4CC2024Limit Switch1.0000
D4CC3024Limit Switch1.0000
D4F-320-3RSafety Limit Switch1.0000
D4F3203RSafety Limit Switch1.0000
D4GS-N3R-5Safety Door Switch10.0000
D4GS-N4R-5Safety Door Switch19.0000
D4GSN3R5Safety Door Switch10.0000
D4GSN4R5Safety Door Switch19.0000
D5M-10RLinear Sensor Amplifier 4-20MA 10MM1.0000
D5M10RLinear Sensor Amplifier 4-20MA 10MM1.0000
DCN4-TB4-UTerminal Block Adapter1.0000
DCN4TB4-UTerminal Block Adapter1.0000
DRT1-HD16C NNB16 Point Input, NPN IP66 Block2.0000
DRT1-ID32ML-1Remote Terminal 32 Point PNP1.0000
DRT1HD16C NNB16 Point Input, NPN IP66 Block2.0000
DRT1ID32ML1Remote Terminal 32 Point PNP1.0000